The Hermes machines are robust and very stable because of their very strong steel construction, the expert welding and the beautiful finish. They have been designed to operate close to the ground. This, coupled with a smooth fibreglass covering, makes mulching possible just before the harvest without damaging the low hanging fruit or grapes.
The cutting blades rotate at high speed, thus enabling precise and fast cutting. Energy consumption is minimised, making considerable savings in fuel consumption possible.
A wide range of cutting widths is available: from the HM 115 with a cutting width of 1.15m and no swing disks to the HM 302 with a cutting width of 3.75 m and two swing disks.
Cutting height can be controlled by means of the level control and the front support wheels (both fitted with bearings). The cutting blade mounts have a three point suspension and are very well protected against dust and moisture.
We use the latest software during the planning stage, state of the art machinery during the production process and we aim for high precision assembly. In this way we are able to make products that last and require minimum maintenance.