Stebo Agraria was founded in 1967 by Mr Alfred Bonmassar. Its initial activity was supplying insecticides, fertilizers, concrete poles, bamboo stakes, accessories and various products to firms involved in fruit growing and viticulture.

As early as 1967 Mr Alfred Bonmassar realised the importance and the necessity of producing a pole of impregnated wood to be used in modern orchards and vineyards. This is how the collaboration started with Dr Quast, the well-known agronomist of the York Institute of the University of Hamburg-Harburg, who had done research into the quality of impregnated wooden poles. His conclusion: “only the seasoned wood of the Nordic pine tree is suitable for deep impregnation, guaranteeing a lifetime of 20 to 30 years”. From that time on, with the same commitment and the same passion, Stebo Agraria has produced and sold poles made of Nordic pine called Stebopal®.


In 1974 Alfred Bonmassar and Wilfrid Kröss, until today owners of Hermes, began the production of mulching machines and hammer mowers to respond to the problem caused by grass and weeds in orchards and vineyards.


1979 was the year which saw another innovation. In that year Alfred Bonmassar introduced in Italy an innovative platform to be used in fruit picking: the Dutch Pluk-O-Trak, which from the point of productivity, of quality of the harvest, simplicity of construction, adaptiveness within a short time became a benchmark for fruit growers as far as mechanised picking is concerned.


Today Hermes is proud to present a range of fruit picking platforms with conveyor belts which is unique in Europe. Besides the Pluk-O-Trak, the range of platforms includes the Hermes series Tecnofruit.