The TYROLBOX® is available in two models:
  • STANDARD (a picking bucket for about 16 kilograms of fruit)
  • LADY (a picking bucket for about 12 kilograms of fruit)
The Tyrolbox is a picking bucket at the same time robust and comfortable which allows the picker to pick the fruit with care and save time.
The aluminium frame is strong and light at the same time and protected by a layer of coloured PVC meant to protect the clothes (non staining), and which is smooth to the touch.
Even the most delicate fruit will not be damaged in the TYROLBOX because the inside is completely lined with delicate rubber.
In one smooth movement the TYROLBOX is emptied into the bin thus avoiding damaging the fruit.
The broad carrying strap diminishes the pressure on the shoulders optimising working comfort.
HERMES offers special shoulder protectors which are easy to apply.

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NOVITA': Cintura dorsale per TYROLBOX®

iphone 23.07.2013 2013.jpg
 ... e il Vostro Tyrolbox® resta stretta al corpo, anche quando Vi piegate in avanti